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We are mainly making most kinds of footwear samples such as trainers, sneakers, loafers, booties, sandals, heels, vulcanized shoes, and canvas shoes etc. You can choose the leather, textile, synthetic, environment-friendly, recycled, or sustainable materials for upper. You can also choose our existing public outsole mold to make your own collection or customize your own outsole with your private logo on it. The outsole can be with rubber, PU, EVA, crepe, TPR material. 

There are price differences for sample in different condition. The price range can be started from 50USD/pair up to 350USD/pair (3 pairs per SKU as our sample MOQ) excluding the tooling cost such as the new customized outsole mold or any new bespoken ornament mold cost involved. Our customer service team will check the cost details to you once all sample details are confirmed. Of course we will explain to you the details of how the sample cost will be calculated if you have any doubts.

If you are happy with the sample quality when received the delivery sample and you would like to make small mass production, we can produce the best quality which same as the confirmed samples. In the production phase, we will follow up on the physical and chemical testing norms during the materials purchasing and manufacturing process. To make sure the sample quality that we made can reach to your expectation. In that way you can focus on selling and marketing. Besides if your individual style reached certain quantities, all development costs will be refunded to your company account. That means the development is for free charges.

We also expand our business model, for now the business portfolios including bags, apparel, hats, socks, gloves related items. We will provide the best quality service to you all the time just like the shoes, If any requirements we are the right choice for you.

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Simple Sample Steps
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This is an exclusive highly confidential place on your design and collection. we will always be your most trustable partner on your side.

MOQ: 3 Pairs per SKU

Share your idea

1. Idea, Drawing, Design

2. Tech pack

3. More details

What we offer

1. Professional customer service communication

2. Materials, Outsole, Decoration, last

3. Details of Visual design

4. Creat teck pack

Arrange the deposit

1. Confirm sample shoes details

2. Approve the sample quotation

3. Pay the deposit to My Sample factory

What we offer

1. Our material team make the full raw material list, technical team list the process steps.

2. Payment team follow up the spec details to calculate the cost

3. Our finance team make the proforma inovice (PI) to you.

Check and comments

1. Your proto sample has been made.

2. We will send you an image/short video by email.

3. No hesitate to give us your comments.

4. Once you’ve approved the sample, how the end product will look like.

What we offer

1. High quality sample making of various types of footwear.

2. Professional suppliers.

3. Large offer of the latest fashion trends.

4. Experienced technical team to ensure perfect products.

5. Share production photo video of your samples

Balance payment

1. Once the sample complete, we will take picture to show you again.

2. We will packing the samples. Measure the carton size,and weight.

3. Accoridng to actual situation to calculation fee reduce of add after update the Pl to you.

4. Check the Express cost, or use your express account.

5. Make the balance amount invoice to you.

Sample dispatch

1. We will shipping out the samples timely after received you payments.

2. When you got the samples, Any comments pls advise.

Third-Party Inspection Service
MSF inspection service is small intimate team with professional shoes experience providing production inspection for you. Including :
  • Sample Evaluation
  • Pre-production Inspection
  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Full Inspection
  • What we do
  • Pre-Production inspection
  • Pre-Shipment inspection
  • Full inspection
  • Sample Evaluation

Shoes / Apparel / Hats / Gloves

Sample Evaluation:

MSF inspector depend with professional experience in the samples making and mass production for European and international shoes companies to ensure the sample Technical is correct, Fitting is correct, the color as clients requirement.

Sample Evaluation advantage:

Through sample Evaluation to avoid potential problem such as:

♦ Sample technical not suitable for Mass production.

♦ Fitting problem.

♦ Materials Evaluation.

♦ Test problem.

Per-Production inspection:

When product starts manufacturing in the factory, We will inspect and report in the Materials Goods, Accessories, Factory SOP analysis. We will detect abnormalities, hidden abnormalities, analyse abnormalities from raw materials to drop poor low mass to ensure smooth production.

Per-Production inspection advantage:

MSF inspector have a site supervision on behalf of clients in the production advance to ensure that the production raw materials Quality, Quantity and Production schedule meet with customer requirements.

Pre-Shipment inspection:

When 100% of production completed, 80% or more package completed, MSF team inspector will trip to the production plant to sample in accordance with MIL-STD-105E (AQL) standard and have a check in accordance with customer's quality standards or industry standards product inspection range includes packaging methods, shipping mark, labels, color, size, Lab test, function and security. To ensure that the product meets your specifications and make a complete inspection records.

Pre-Shipment inspection advantages:

To help customers understand the quality and quantity of goods shipped when purchasing a case, to avoid the bulk of defective products, product information, the bulk of errors and the number of products produced false and so on. Do not let your order in any risks. Before paying, please make sure that product you buy meets your specifications and requirements.

Full inspection:

To ensure the quality of products into the box, according to our standards or internal standards guests, the appearance of all products, sizes, color, function, safety, packaging, lab test, etc. full inspection, while overseeing the correct packaging packing into boxes, and post MSF team inspection seal on carton.

Full Inspection advantage:

For the strict quality requirements of customers and some special merchandise, using test methods full of seized goods. Full inspection can reduce the possibility of defective products to be packaged. Lowering costs, recognized by customers to get more orders.

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